About us


The Officine di Energia project was launched in 2008, following an exploratory trade visit to Japan, a country at the forefront of photovoltaic energy.

This visit gave us the opportunity to discover advanced solutions in the renewable energy sector. Realising that renewable resources would be playing a decisive role in the future of the planet, we made the decision to take on the challenge and embark on a business venture focussing on the development of solar panels, taking the cue from new Japanese technologies.


Sustainability and research making a difference

Our goal is to offer sustainable and innovative products on the market that can make a difference from the standpoint of function, visual design and performance, setting ourselves a part from conventional, low-cost technologies.

We pay attention to product details and finishing and always try to offer customised solutions, which meet sector-specific requirements and the needs of individual customers.

Research, together with sustainability, is our guiding light: only by undertaking ongoing testing and trials and market research is it actually possible to be innovators and our continuous cooperation with universities and research centres is an important part of this vision.

Our research affiliates:
РUniversità degli Studi di Verona (Verona University);
– University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
– Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL);
– Politecnico di Milano University;
– Milan Studio di Design Habits.